Golf ( 3 Important Things )

Golf is an interesting game but at time it can get very frustrating when every thing you do goes wrong and nothing every seems to work the way it should. There will be days when your drives are too short, too long, too low, too high, too much to the left or too much too the right. This is all part and parcel of the game and there are ways to improve your games so you have nothing to fear.

In order to start playing like a professional golf player, you first have to improve your swing mechanics, followed by golf fitness and the last on the list is the equipment. Once you have taken care of the first two, the equipment will fall into place.

- Swing mechanics is the most important aspect when it comes to driving the ball. Swinging requires a certain amount of flexibility, balance, strength and endurance. All this clubbed together is referred to as golf fitness.

- Golf fitness is about having extremely good rotational flexibility and strength of the muscles and joints in the lower back, shoulders, hips and the abdominal area. Improved golf fitness equates to improve golf shots. There are some who have good golf fitness but still can not get their shots right. Here, golf players have to concentrate on body stance and ensure they have a good balance and stability. Golf players have to ensure that they improve their swing mechanics without injuring their muscles or joints.

- Using the right club the right way is the key. Golf has three basic clubs. The club that drives the ball on a low trajectory is used for long distance shots. Then the iron club lifts the ball and is used to place the golf ball in a certain position on the fairway or green. And finally, the putter is designed to roll the ball into the hole.