Buying Golf Bags Is An Important Investment

Buying a new golf bag, whether it's your first or your third, can be a trial if you don't know what you're looking for. Buying the wrong style, size or shape can be a costly mistake that you will want to avoid. These are some of the most frequently asked questions about golf bags that should help you make the perfect purchase.

Should I buy a bag with single or double shoulder straps?

Most manufacturers make their golf bags with double straps, as these are far less damaging to the back and shoulders. But do make sure you go for double, and use them to distribute the weight of your golf bag evenly across your body as you walk around the course.

What's a Carry Bag?

This is the golf bag that you will probably end up buying. This style is much lighter and less bulky than the professional tour bags you see being used in matches, and can be carried around the course by the average golfer. Some models come with a built-in stand so you can prop your golf bag upright beside you, giving you easy access to your clubs without straining your back.

When might I need a Sunday bag?

The Sunday Bag or Pencil Bag is an ultra-light slim golf bag designed for shorter and social games. They're pretty useless in wet weather as lightweight, non-waterproof fabrics are generally used to reduce weight. These golf bags have very few storage pockets for your accessories, so don't expect to be able to stuff one of these with towels and gloves. If you're starting out in golf or only play occasionally, this would be an ideal purchase, as it's a smaller investment and is the ideal size for a few clubs.

Why do golf bags have compartments?

Imagine 14 golf clubs in a bag without dividers. You'd spend half your time rooting around trying to find the right iron, whilst the players behind you stamp their feet impatiently. With dividers you can separate your longer driver and fairway metals from your medium irons, and then your short irons and wedges. A good feature that many golf bags sport is a separate slot of outside container for your putter.

Does my golf bag need a hood?

If you're playing in wet climates a hood will keep your bag and equipment dry. If you travel a lot, it will offer extra protection and security.

Why do prices for golf bags vary so much?

Mainly because the materials used to make golf bags vary. A lightweight nylon fabric is going to cost much less leather or PVC. Some designer brands make exclusive golf bags that are only suitable for the very rich!

Is the colour of my golf bag important?

The colour and design of golf bags is mostly a matter of choice, but if you're playing in winter or when it's wet, avoid white or cream. Manufacturers have got a lot bolder with their golf bags, and you can now have a bright pink one if that's your thing!