Hiring A Golf Instructor

When it comes to hiring a golf instructor for lessons or when researching golf schools you should spend some time looking for the right one. Below are 5 steps you should go through to help you qualify your next golf instructor or golf school.

1- Just like selecting a golf school you need to determine what your budget is for a golf instructor. You want to eliminate those golf instructors that are not within your budget. Why waste your time?

2- You should next determine if you're looking to revamp your golf swing or just looking for a quick fix or tune-up. Some golf teachers may be better at one or the other so make sure you ask them what they're best at.

3- The guys you play golf with could be a great source of information on a good golf instructor. Ask them if they could recommend one to you. Even if they can't recommend one they may know someone who can.

4- After you've narrowed down the list to 3 or 5 golf instructors then look at their credentials. You want to find out where they've taught in the past and call their past employer. See what the employer says about them and their teaching style. Ask if they were liked by the students and the staff.

5- The last thing to do is set up a phone or face-to-face interview with the golf instructor. This is where you want to have a list of questions prepared so you don't forget to ask the important questions. Also this is the time to see if their style and personality will work for you.

After reading this you probably think these were things you'd go through to hire someone for a job. Well actually that's exactly what you're doing. A golf instructor is an independent consultant and you're hiring him to do a job... work on your golf swing. So you should perform the due diligence to make sure you get the golf instructor that's right for you.

I would also suggest doing the steps above that are appropriate for selecting a golf school. You want to see if the golf instructors at the golf school are going to be right for you because you don't want to spend all that money and not be satisfied with the instructor and experience. Golf vacation schools are also a nice option to include the entire family for a week long vacation and golf.