Electric Golf Trolley

By: David James

If you are looking for a golf trolley to use to conserve your strength throughout the game, then your best bet may be one of the electric models that are currently on the market. You can find these golf trolleys in all sizes and colors, and since they are doing all the carrying work for you, they will help you conserve your energy for that perfectly executed golf swing on the eighteenth hole.

Why Electric?

When you are playing golf, one of the most valuable assets that you have are your hands, arms and shoulders. If you have been carrying round a full bag of clubs (and other assorted golf gear) all day, then chances are that you will not be in the best of condition for executing that perfect swing. If you can imagine golfing without carrying the bag, then you can also imagine how much better your game would be if you use an electric golf trolley.

Once you have all that weight off of your arms and shoulders, you will have plenty of strength for the game, even if you do hit four over par on every hole. An electric trolley will also help you if you have been ill, or you are unable to carry your golf bags any longer.

How It Works

The trolley will run using batteries, and can be either manually controlled or controlled by a remote. You can also purchase a wide variety of accessories for your trolley and bag, including rain covers, battery chargers and tool sets that are designed specifically for your product. While these accessories are not necessary, they will be very helpful if you want your new trolley to last for several years to come.

These electric trolleys are also goof for the posture as you do not have to bend over or twist your back to pull the carrier along. All you need to do is walk normally, and guide the carrier alongside in front of you. This is an excellent option if you have had back injuries in the past, or if you are just learning the sport and are still working on building your muscles.


The main benefit of using an electric golf trolley for your clubs and gear is simple. You will exert less energy than carrying your golf bags, and save more energy for your game. This extra physical and mental energy will allow you to improve your game and lower your handicap. Why not borrow one for a day, or even hire one, to see if its for you. I'm fairly certain that once you feel the benefits, you will want one for yourself, and start looking around at all the various brands and models.

The costs of an electric golf trolley will vary, depending on which brand you choose, which version or model you want, any additional features you want, and of course, who you buy the trolley from. You can often find great bargains online, especially if you comparison shop for a little while before you make your purchase.


Seems to be great! Was a bit concerned about the prize, will check it out next week! thanks for the advice.