It Takes Time To Develop Skills

When playing on a course for the first time, it isn’t necessary to keep score. New players should set their own par. The par assigned to the hole by the course indicates the score most professionals shoot for – it is considered perfect. It is not designed for the novice player.

New players who want to experience playing the game on the course should take the par and double it. If you can achieve double par or better, you are doing very well. Take the par given to the hole to determine how many shots you will take to position your ball within 50 yards of the green. For example, on a par 4 hole, take four shots to get 50 yards or closer. If you are not within 50 yards, pick up the ball and move it within 50 yards of the green. Take four more shots or fewer to get the ball in the hole.

This will help you keep up with the pace of play on the course and give you experience playing the game. Too many recreational golfers give up on the game because they do not feel they are skilled enough to go out on the course. It takes time to develop skills. Use this method for practice and before long you will be hitting every shot and finishing out the hole.