Golf Fitness

A golf fitness can make the difference between you optimizing your golf potential or playing the same frustrating golf you may be used to playing. The era of golf exercise and fitness, as well as golf-specific conditioning programs was probably ushered in by golfers like the legendary Tiger Woods. Never before had the world witnessed such physically fit professional golfers who were involved in regular exercise programs and who played the game while in tip-top physical condition.

How many times have you walked off the course or practice range with a twinge or two in your body? How about when you got home? Did it get worse? What’s that tell you? I hope you realize how important fitness for golf is, in not only helping your prevent injury, but utilize your true potential to it’s fullest.

Doesn’t it make sense to improve your flexibility AND strength to hit longer drives that go straighter? Doesn’t it also make sense to improve your fitness for golf as you get older…to slow down the aging process?

Don’t look at it as “work”, “sweating” or “effort”. Look at it as “playing your best game ever!” You will continue to hear about fitness for golf, when it comes to performing better golf. There are actually several reasons why it is good idea to pay attention to golf exercise and fitness. You can quickly transform your game with the right golf fitness book.