Chipping Technique

A technique for chipping can be very simple and extremely effective. Below are some tips that you can use to improve you chipping technique.

7 Iron Run
A great place to use this shot is when you are close to the green and don't have rough or a hazard to go over. Use the basic stroke technique play the ball in the middle of your stance, allow for lots of roll and hit the ball almost like a putt.

Pitching Wedge
Use this shot when you have rough or a hazard to go over and still have a lot of green to work with. Using the basic chipping stroke technique, play the ball about 3/4 forward in your stance. You might use a little more wrist here to get the ball to pop up faster. Play for more height and less roll.

Sand Wedge
This is the perfect shot to use when you are faced with a hazard to go over with little green to work with. Use the basic chipping stroke with your sand wedge, open your stance a little and play the ball off your left heel. Use a little extra wrist here and pull down and through with your left hand and the ball will pop right up and land softly with minimum roll.

Lob Shot
Basic ChipHave you ever had a shot you thought was impossible? You had a huge bunker to go over with no green to work with or you had a tall tree to over with almost no room to maneuver. The lob shot may be the answer for you! This shot is challenging to learn but with just a little practice you can master this shot and master your short game. Start by opening your stance and your club face of your sand wedge to give you maximum loft. Slope your shoulders so that your right shoulder is lower than your left.


Hi bob. love your blog. grat tips on how to chip. very helpfull to a novice like myself. Keep yp the godd work