The Floppy - Indoor Practice Golf Ball

For golfer out there, you've no doubt risked destroying your possessions in order to practice your chipping indoors. Thanks to The Floppy Indoor Golf Ball, that will never be a problem again.

It may look like a delicate ball, but this indoor golf ball is a woven covered pliable ball that can take lots of kicks in the behind. There's no need to worry about putting too much muscle power in a shot.

The practice ball reacts well off the face, seems to spin quite realistically and feels like it has a nice weight to it when you make contact. The best part is you can bounce shots off the wall, the sliding glass door, or other various things about the house without fear of shattered glass. And because it feels, rolls and spins like a real ball it will help build muscles and develop a proper swing during the off seasons.

FYI, Floppy Indoor Golf Ball was featured in the New York Times. To order- and learn more click here. It will give you the same feeling and feedback of a normal golf ball and it will probably spare you the trouble of paying for your neighbour's damaged windows again.