Basic Coaching For The Golfing Beginner

By: Noel Malcombe

Tiger Wolf, Vijay Singh, The Shark and so many more are home names today because of Golf. This is amongst the most popular sports in the world and is increasingly spreading its wings and patronage. What are the tips for the uninitiated who wish to partake a piece of this pie. The foremost thing to remember is that this is a game of patience and practice that is based on technique.

At possibly no other place is the adage 'practice makes you perfect' more applicable than in the game of golf. The more you practice the technique the more success you'll have on the golf course. The most important basic that regulates almost the entire game of golf is 'the swing'. This is to be mastered if you wish for success. Unless you have the swing right, you will most likely fail at the rest of the parts of a golf game.

The swing commences with the correct grip. Positioning of both hands and interlocking of fingers is essential to develop a swing that is fluid, that is complete and that allows you to set the golf ball up correctly. A golf instructor is an essential for a beginner to develop the correct technique and swing right from the beginning. While watching professions, one may feel that each one of them is distinct in their swing - this is not so. The wrist position and body movement is almost similar with very slight variations that have been developed with years of practice.

It's not only the way you grip and swing your golf club that will have an impact on your game it's also about your golf stance. You'll eventually have a different stance for all the golf clubs that you have in your golf bag but to start out you should concentrate on mastering your stance while using a driver.

While you practice with your driver, be sure to make sure that your stance is as wide as your shoulders. If you're trying to make a drive that's 60 yards or less, your stance will be a bit narrower. When you get ready to swing have the target and your aim lined up properly. As you continue your practicing and some time goes by, you will learn how to use your stance and your swing in the most efficient ways.

Once you've perfected your stance using your driver club you'll want to practice with the other clubs in your golf bag. A good tip to keep in mind is that when you're moving down the line of clubs you have in your bag that the ball is moved back slightly. Using a driver you'll want to hit the ball into an upward motion rather than a lower motion.

Your posture plays another important part in perfecting your golf game. The right posture is important in achieving the correct stance. If you fail to distribute your weight correctly you are liable to end up with a weak swing. Remember when you're starting to play golf that if you give yourself the right foundation and practice your technique, you won't end up quitting forever in frustration.

Learn by feel how to properly distribute your weight. That's one of the key ingredients for learning a good game. When you make your swing the correct way your body will be moving away from your hind foot in a back motion. At the same time your front foot will take the weight of your forward motion.

It will be confusing at first but each club will need a different weight distribution and a different swing. Soon it will come to you naturally as you pick up each club.

Golf is s game of patience, practice and time where you initially play against yourself. The game can be learnt well by taking a step at a time and learning one part of the game after another instead of addressing all issues simultaneously.