Perfect Golf Grip

By: Jeffrey Veal

When you think back on the first time you struck a golf ball, you weren't thinking about using the perfect golf grip. You did not realize that every part of your body has to function together to produce a great golf swing. A bad golf swing is what you'll experience if any part breaks down during the swing. The correct grip is one thing that will ensure you that your quest for the proper swing gets off on the right foot. You'd be amazed at the impact a right or improper grip can have on your general game. You might be wondering what measures need to be learned to acquire the perfect grip. Experimenting is one way that many people have done it. You won't have to go through this process because their are some standard, fundamental techniques to help you out.

To help your golf game advance, there are a few different grips that you can test until you find the one that is right for you. The thing you'll notice is that almost all swing tips are geared towards a specific type of golfer. Fortunately, any type of player will discover that different grips are a choice for them. When you do find the grip that is correct for you, just like magic you'll notice your game starting to get better. Start out by making sure that you are not squeezing the club to tightly. This will cause your upper body muscles to become tight, particularly the muscles in your arms and shoulders. The normal thought process behind gripping your club tight is that most people think that the harder you hold onto the golf club, the harder the initial contact will be. This is simply not true with the golf swing. Actually, you'll swing slower and with less control when you are all tensed up. By loosely gripping the golf club, you will produce a more measured, controlled swing. This is the golf swing that will improve your game.

The relationship of your wrists pertaining to your grip is an area that requires your attention. It is better to have your wrists working collectively than individually towards the identical task. One way to ensure that your wrists will work together is to use the cross-hand grip. A cross-hand grip is executed by positioning your right hand on the club where you would normally position your left hand. Next, position your left hand on top of the grip. If you are right handed, of course, do the exact opposite. As you'll notice, this is going to feel a little strange the first time you utilize this grip. But, don't worry, because this will coerce your wrists to work together as one rather than trying to function by themselves. This grip can be used for your normal golf swing and for putting.

Of all the swing tips, the ones that concern the golf grip should be examined carefully. If your game is not at the level you think it should be, take a look at your grip. The benefits of a proper golf grip include better accuracy and strength in your swing, and an general improvement in your golf game. For a quick spark in your game, have a look at your hands. You'll discover that the perfect golf grip will improve your golf game and get you to the next level quicker.