Smooth And Consistent Putting Stroke

In order to ensure a smooth and consistent stroke there are four things you should always do at address:

1- Keep your eyes over the target line. Keeping your eyes positioned over the target line makes it easier for you to aim, and consistently keeping your eyes over the target line makes it easier to keep your aim consistent. And a better aim translates directly into better putts.

2- Make sure your hands rest directly under your shoulder line. As you bend forward from the hips to position your upper body facing the ground, bend your elbows slightly so that your hands are clear of your body and resting directly under your shoulder line.

3- Keep the putter shaft in line with your forearms. A key ingredient to keeping a consistent pace from stroke to stroke is to make sure your forearms and putter shaft move together. To do this you will need to grip the putter shaft with your palms and not your fingers.

4- Keep the putter shaft at a ninety degree angle. Almost every putter has some amount of built-in loft. If you setup at address with the putter shaft vertical then you will take advantage of this loft and it will help you to get the ball rolling smoothly. Remember, the shaft should be completely vertical, it should not lean either toward or away from your target.

If you remember these four tips and practice them consistently, you will soon be draining many more putts and consistently shaving strokes off your game.