Using The Right Equipment

Many people are in the mind-frame that if the golf club costs a lot of money, it must be the key to a better game. This is not necessarily true. When it comes to the driver the only thing that will help you and lower your handicap, is a club that has been chosen properly, no matter how much it costs. So what type of club should you be getting?

Well, do your homework and find out which clubs are the best for your abilities. One thing you should be considering is your driver swing speed. This helps you in determining the shaft and the flex of your club.

Next, you have to consider which clubs you need. This will depend on your level of playing abilities. For a beginner, you will likely not even need a driver. A typical beginner set might include three, seven, and nine wood, as well as lob or approach wedge, sand wedge, and the pitching wedge.

A seasoned player with a lower handicap will have the need for a driver, three, five, seven, or nine wood, irons three through nine, and the lob wedge, sand wedge, and pitching wedge.

Overall, having the right clubs, standard or fitted for your specific stature, is important to improving your drive and your golf game.